Marine turtles have been able to survive for more than 200 million years and successfully faced such dramatic events in the history that brought countless species to extinction. Nowadays however, due to human activities, they belong to some of the most endangered species of fauna. Wildlife Connection offers you the opportunity to visit a turtle camp, where you will participate in and support the conservation of these ancient creatures. We release baby turtles every night.


The tour goes to the area of Nuevo Vallarta where the National Protection of Marine Turles has the official Turtle Camp. We will visit all the facilities of the Turtle Camp to understand the protection program and it's importance. We patrol the beach to search for a female laying eggs but we can't guarantee females as they don't have specific time or place to lay their eggs. When we finish patroling we will go back to the turtle camp and release baby turtles to the ocean, we GUARANTEE 100% that we will have baby turtles every night if not your money back. Our guides are Biologists with Masters Degree in Marine Ecology, Science Journalist and Professional Wildlife Photographer (National Geographic magazine and Animal Planet). This allows us to provide a qualified, specialized and professional service.


CRUISE SHIPS: We arrange special earlier departures for cruise passengers. It will depend on the Cruise Line's departure time from port. Please contact us to check the itinerary that will apply for you.

  • 19:30- 20:30 (Appointment depends on your hotel area)
    1.- OPEQUIMAR. This is located in Marina Vallarta. Just across the
    street of Westin Resort & Spa Hotel.
    2.- PARADISE PLAZA. This Plaza is located in Nuevo
    Vallarta, close to Paradise Village Hotel.
  • 21:00 Arrival to turtle camp. Guests receive an educational explanation to introduce them to the world of turtles and their conservation.
  • 21:30 Female turtles laying eggs are searched on the beach
  • 22:30 Baby turtle release.
  • 00:00 Arrival to Puerto Vallarta.

SMALL GROUPS: Maximum 8 to 14 persons per van. If needed we can arrange bigger groups.

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